what is this thing?

i’m a wellness editor. it’s my job, all day long, to read and edit pieces about what it means to be “well.” but i’m also pretty unwell, at least by the wellness stick society uses to measure most folks by.

the fucked up thing is that i think most other people are, too, and talking about the ways we’re all unwell — along with how it feels, how we cope, and what other people can do to make the experience of being a person a little bit easier — would go a long way toward making us feel a little less alone.

because most of my job is editing, i wanted a place to write a few thoughts every day (or let’s be more realistic, whenever i get the time) about the things i’m feeling and how i cope with them, and i wanted to share those thoughts with others. that’s what this thing is.

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plus, you might get the occasional dog picture, so. yeah.

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