alka seltzer, eyelash glue

my heart is a ball of babybel cheese wax pressed together into a ball and dulled with dirty fingers

my heart is a crumpled-up love note with your name scratched out

my heart isn’t benefiting at all from the alka seltzer medicine i took after scarfing down spaghetti and red sauce for dinner

my heart is surrounded by a brick wall and then a moat and then another brick wall for good measure

my heart is locked and the key to it is rusty, or at least that’s what i wrote in response to a stupid prompt on hinge, a dating app i really fucking hate

my heart is beating too quickly for a person who wants to go to bed

my heart is broken, and all i have is an unopened thing of eyelash glue and packing tape and some nails i got from the dollar store, does anybody know how to fix it?

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